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The below newsflashes are provided for reference. Only newsflashes that are still relevant are provided.

Number Date Title Type and size
297 30 November 2007 Amendments to the Queensland Development Code (QDC) Part 14 Fire Safety in Budget Accommodation Buildings, will commence from 30 November 2007 (PDF, 75KB)
296 29 November 2007 attachment (PDF, 60KB) Clarifies status of policy 'Design of Hydraulic Systems' issued by Department of Emergency Services through Queensland Fire and Rescue Service on 9 October 2007 (PDF, 72KB)
295 23 November 2007 Clarifies minimum mandatory requirements under QDC Part 25 for plumbing toilet cisterns and use of manual switching devices (PDF, 71KB)
294 16 November 2007 Local governments, building certifiers and other relevant stakeholders—in applying the provisions of the Building Act 1975 to objects such as shipping containers (PDF, 160KB)
293 13 November 2007 Building certifiers—course in 'Issuing development permits for building work' was offered in Brisbane on 14 and 15 February 2008 (PDF, 77KB)
292 12 November 2007 Provides direction to building certifiers when assessing compliance of existing licensed school age care centres with Part 22 of the Queensland Development Code (Part 22) for the purposes of Child Care Act 2002 (PDF, 76KB)
291 7 November 2007 Proposed minor amendment to the Queensland Development Code—Part 14 Fire Safety in Budget Accommodation Buildings to define 'self closing doors' (PDF, 76KB)
289 17 October 2007 Proposed changes to Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 and other legislation (PDF, 86KB)
288 10 October 2007 Explains the application of the State Planning Policy—Mitigating the impacts of floods, bushfire and landside in assessing construction standards for buildings in designated bushfire-prone areas (PDF, 78KB)
286 19 September 2007 The suite of IDAS Development Application Forms has been amended (PDF, 345KB)
285 11 September 2007 Proposed renumbering of the Queensland Development Code and consequential update of the Building Codes Queensland website (PDF, 360KB)
284 31 August 2007 Draft versions of new and updated parts of the Queensland Development Code have been published on the department's website. Re-numbering for all QDC parts is also being considered (PDF, 357KB)
281 3 August 2007 Public Benefit Test—Existing residential care buildings (PDF, 104KB)
278 3 July 2007 Commencement of issuing of ‘On the Spot Infringement Notices' by investigators from the Plumber and Drainers Board (PDF, 276KB)
277 2 July 2007 Call for industry comment on a draft Inspection Checklist for class 2 to 9 buildings to be included in inspection guidelines. Draft checklist has not been approved by the chief executive and is released for consultation purposes only (PDF, 413KB)
276 29 June 2007 Councils outside South East Queensland that from 1 July 2007 water savings targets under Part 25 of the Queensland Development Code apply to applications lodged for the construction of Class 1 buildings in their areas (PDF, 372KB)
275 12 June 2007 Exemptions granted under Queensland Development Code Part 25—Water Savings Targets (PDF, 101KB)
274 4 June 2007 Reminder—Water savings targets part 25 of the Queensland Development Code (PDF, 96KB)
272 29 May 2007 Exemptions Granted under Queensland Development Code Part 25—Water Savings Targets (PDF, 101KB)
270 22 May 2007 Clarifies that the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 requires water meters to be installed by a licensed plumber, both on and off premises (PDF, 267KB)
269 18 May 2007 Part 14.1 Fire Safety in Residential Care Buildings of the Queensland Development Code has been adopted as a mandatory code under the Building Act 1975 from 1 June 2007 (PDF, 212KB)
268 16 May 2007 Public benefit test—Existing residential care buildings from 1 June 2007 (PDF, 261KB)
266 22 May 2007 Local governments—Requirement of the Australian Bureau of Statistics for building approval data, and reminds private building certifiers of their archiving responsibilities with local government (PDF, 362KB)
264 5 March 2007 Councils are required to provide building certification services (PDF, 363KB)
263 5 March 2007 Guidelines for the Queensland Development Code Part 25: Water Savings Targets are now available online. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist councils and industry with implementation of the targets (PDF, 364KB)
262 5 March 2007 Building certifiers, energy raters and other building practitioners—current thermal calculation methods (energy rating software) that can be used to analyse the energy rating of buildings in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (PDF, 374KB)
260 12 February 2007 Building certifiers, building practitioners and others—alternatives to lead flashings used on roofs to collect potable (drinkable) water for rainwater tanks (PDF, 376KB)
258 16 January 2007 Building industry practitioners—information about the role of Forms 15 and 16 in building assessment, approval and inspection processes (PDF, 408KB)
256 9 January 2007 Commencement date for the next edition of the Building Code of Australia and highlights the more significant changes (PDF, 373KB)
255 21 December 2006 Building certifiers—Availability and an outline of the operation of section 37 of the Building Act 1975 (PDF, 373KB)
254 18 December 2006 Amendments to Part 25 of the QDC requiring new houses to meet water savings targets (PDF, 377KB)
253 18 December 2006 Informs council officers and private building certifiers of the importance of the accuracy of legislative references in show cause and enforcement notices (PDF, 359KB)
252 1 December 2006 Awareness of possible dangers associated with plumbing and electrical services (PDF, 299KB)
250 17 October 2006 Private certifiers are now able to receive and assess building development applications for building work in BABs undertaken to comply with the fire safety standard (Part 14 of the Queensland Development Code) (PDF, 363KB)
249 17 October 2006 Plumbers cannot install any type of fire sprinkler system unless they are licensed to do so. The purpose of this Newsflash is to clarify the:
  1. Licensing requirements for installing fire sprinkler systems
  2. Obligations for local governments when assessing fire sprinkler systems and designs.
(PDF, 279KB)
248 6 October 2006 Minor change to form 15 to clarify a competent person, certifying compliance of a standard design for building systems or components, need complete property description details in item 1 only if they are applicable (PDF, 363KB)
247 15 September 2006 Amendments to pool fencing laws under the Building Act 1975 and Local Government Act 1993 commenced 1 September 2006 (PDF, 363KB)
246 12 September 2006 Conditional grant available from the Department of Housing for level 3 supported accommodation providers, as defined by the Residential Services (Accreditation) Act 2002, for the purpose of installing sprinkler systems in supported accommodation buildings (PDF, 380KB)
244 22 August 2006 Changes to the greywater provisions in the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 commencing 10 August 2006 (PDF, 288KB)
243 18 August 2006 Amendments to the Building Act 1975 , Integrated Planning Act 1997, Integrated Planning Regulation 1998 and the new Building Regulation 2006 will commence 1 September 2006 (PDF, 106KB)
241 22 August 2006 Clarification on the plumbing into houses of water supplied from rainwater tanks (PDF, 277KB)
240 26 July 2006 New on-the-spot fines for offences under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 and the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 which came into effect on 7 July 2006 (PDF, 308KB)
238 14 July 2006 Queensland Fire and Rescue Service has published a policy paper with respect to performance-based alternative solutions that use fire engineering principles and methodologies (PDF, 360KB)
235 14 June 2006 Proposed change to the fire safety requirements in buildings intended to be used to provide residential care (PDF, 362KB)
231 8 May 2006 Advice on the assessment of termite management measures, for Class 1 and 10 buildings (PDF, 430KB)
230 20 April 2006 Commencement date for the next edition of the Building Code of Australia and highlight the major changes (PDF, 368KB)
229 18 April 2006 Changes to the Building Act 1975 with respect to the monitoring of fire safety management procedures in budget accommodation buildings (PDF, 358KB)
228 14 April 2006 All on-site sewerage treatment systems, except those that are a septic tank ONLY, must have Chief Executive Approval from the department prior to their installation (PDF, 308KB)
227 6 April 2006 Legislative requirements for local governments and plumbers in relation to backflow prevention devices (PDF, 303KB)
224 17 March 2006 Guidance on the most appropriate classification for certain types of accommodation building (PDF, 376KB)
223 17 March 2006 Amendment of the State Penalties Enforcement Regulation 2000 in relation to penalty infringement notices available to council officers under the Building Act 1975 (PDF, 365KB)
222 2 March 2006 Minimum setback distances required under the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code for the installation of greywater systems in sewered areas from 1 March 2006 (PDF, 298KB)
221 24 February 2006 Measures which facilitate compliance with the Queensland Development Code—Part 29 Sustainable Buildings 1 (PDF, 380KB)
220 24 February 2006 Rainwater tank requirements to be implemented on 1 March 2006 (PDF, 369KB)
219 24 February 2006 Amended approved forms under the plumbing legislation which will be available from 1 March 2006 (PDF, 302KB)
217 22 February 2006 New product certification scheme (CodeMark) for Australia and New Zealand (PDF, 371KB)
216 17 February 2006 Interpretation of an atrium, as defined in the Part A1.1 of the Building Code of Australia (PDF, 363KB)
215 15 February 2006 Council inspectors and installers of smoke alarms are aware of the preferred interpretation of the Fire Safety Standard with respect to the location of smoke alarms in enclosed or internal corridors (PDF, 393KB)
214 15 February 2006 Assist local council inspectors in conducting compliance inspections in budget accommodation buildings, re certificates of installation for various fire safety installations (PDF, 361KB)
213 2006 Advice received by the Department concerning issues associated with some imported plywood products (PDF, 106KB)
211 16 December 2005 Recent amendments to the plumbing legislation and the technical codes and standards called up by the legislation (PDF, 150KB)
210 19 December 2005 Process for assessing, approving and documenting fire safety management procedures in budget accommodation buildings (PDF, 78KB)
209 8 December 2005 Local councils and private certifiers—Advice about changes to the portable long service levy on building and construction work worth $80,000 or more (PDF, 67KB)
208 8 December 2005 Authority to take enforcement action in relation to a breach of Queensland's pool fencing laws (PDF, 88KB)
207 22 November 2005 Answer sheet for assignment 2 for the training course 'Issuing Development Permits for Building Work' is now available (PDF, 82KB)
206 18 November 2005 Amendment of section 60 and Schedule 13 of the Standard Building Regulation 1993 (PDF, 83KB)
205 November 2005 Assessment of termite management systems, for Class 1 and 10 buildings (PDF, 81KB)
202 9 November 2005 Changes to Queensland's Building Legislation (PDF, 98KB)
201 3 November 2005 Extent of Queensland Fire and Rescue Service's referral jurisdiction where an alternative solution is proposed in a building development application (PDF, 65KB)


1 November 2005 Attachment (PDF, 126KB) Advice for building certifiers, designers and builders of the attached Information Bulletin, prepared by James Cook University's Cyclone Testing Station, on the consequences of the incorrect fixing of bracing panels. Flawed fixing can reduce the capacity of a building to resist high winds (PDF, 56KB)
198 October 2005 Changes to the State Penalties Enforcement Regulation 2000 (PDF, 59KB)
197 19 September 2005 From 19 September 2005, Queensland Transport will be able to assess and condition particular development applications as a concurrence agency using the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) under the Integrated Planning Act 1997 (PDF, 101KB)
196 9 September 2005 To advise of changes to the Local Government Regulation 1995 and the Fire Safety Standard (PDF, 101KB)
195 8 September 2005 To inform local governments about recent amendments to the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 and, in particular, provisions that will allow local governments to decide whether or not they wish to promote greywater use in sewered areas (PDF, 305KB)
194 15 August 2005 Proposed amendments to the Fire Safety Standard (PDF, 91KB)
193 12 August 2005 New measures starting from 1 March 2006 requiring that all new homes include sustainable housing measures to reduce water and energy use (PDF, 85KB)
191 18 July 2005 Fire Safety Standard—Joint Compliance Inspections with QFRS (PDF, 131KB)
189 30 June 2005 Local governments, building certifiers and other practitioners—National regulatory trial of AccuRate software as a means of modelling the energy efficiency of house envelopes, under the Building Code of Australia (PDF, 77KB)
187 17 May 2005 As a consequence of the Childers backpacker hostel fire in June 2000, the Fire Safety Standard was introduced for budget accommodation buildings built or approved before 1 January 1992. Owners of budget accommodation buildings must comply with the technical fire safety provisions in the Fire Safety Standard. (PDF, 446KB)
184 7 February 2005 The Building Code of Australia 2005, which commences 1 May 2005, will incorporate new energy efficiency provisions for the design and construction of Class 2 (multi-residential) and Class 3 (hotels, motels, etc) buildings and Class 4 parts of buildings (residential unit in a non-residential building) (PDF, 262KB)
182 16 December 2004 Commencement date for the next edition of the Building Code of Australia and highlight major changes (PDF, 149KB)
181 16 December 2004 To advise local councils and private certifiers of changes to the portable long service levy on building and construction work worth $80,000 or more (PDF, 140KB)
180 24 November 2004 Requirements of the Building Code of Australia with respect to services that penetrate building elements that are required to have a fire resistance level (PDF, 71KB)
179 22 November 2004 On 1 November 2004, amendments to Part 22 (Child Care Centres) of the Queensland Development Code commenced. Part 22 was amended to allow developers the flexibility of proposing an alternative solution to outdoor play areas. This amendment will enhance the flexibility that was intended in the implementation of the Child Care Act 2002. (PDF, 47KB)
174 1 October 2004 From 4 October 2004, changes will take effect to the Integrated Planning Act 1997 that affect the IDAS Development Application forms (PDF, 136KB)
173 21 September 2004 Some councils are not complying with the requirement to immediately issue an acknowledgement for receiving building approval documents from private certifiers. Amendments to the building legislation in 2003 addressed local government difficulties with the late lodgement of building approval documents by private certifiers and part payment of local government's prescribed fee (PDF, 135KB)
171 15 September 2004 On 9 September 2004 the Standard Building Amendment Regulation (No.2) 2004 was made to increase the size of satellite dishes that can be installed without first requiring a building permit, to a maximum diameter of 900mm. This amendment will then cater for the most commonly sold satellite dishes, being 600mm to 900mm in diameter (PDF, 50KB)
170 6 September 2004 Clarifies recent amendments to the Australian Standard AS 3740—2004, Waterproofing of wet areas within residential buildings, in relation to floor wastes. The amended Standard was called up by the Building Code of Australia on 1 May 2004 (PDF, 55KB)
169 16 August 2004 Queensland Government's proposal to amend the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 to allow greywater to be used for underground irrigation of gardens in sewered areas (PDF, 75KB)
168 8 August 2004 Following the introduction of New Plumbing Laws, which commenced on 1 November 2003, the department has prepared a CD-ROM on the new laws. Note well: This CD is no longer in publication, however details can be obtained by contacting the Plumbers and Drainers Board. (PDF, 68KB)
167 29 July 2004 Questions frequently asked about in the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 and the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 (PDF, 73KB)
166 27 July 2004 Responsibilities of private certifiers in assessing a development application when the use of the land is not clear under the planning scheme (PDF, 65KB)
164 2 July 2004 Part 15 of the Queensland Development Code will come into effect on 1 July 2004 to coincide with the commencement of the Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003, which has the objective of minimising the infection risks associated with personal appearance services. (PDF, 63KB)
163 11 June 2004 Proposed amendments to the Fire Safety Standard for Budget Accommodation Buildings (PDF, 107KB)
162 11 June 2004 Advice on recent amendments to the BCA (PDF, 42KB)
155 23 February 2004 Building certifiers—Need to ensure all mandatory information required by Part B of the Development Application form (Form 1) is provided (PDF, 111KB)
153 26 November 2003 Amendments to the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 provide for development proposed in a heritage registered place to be assessed under the IDAS process. The following information outlines the role of building certifiers in the assessment of development applications involving building work in a Heritage Registered Place. (PDF, 185KB)
152 24 November 2003 The Department has been informed that some practitioners believe that Form 19 is a mandatory form, in that it must be lodged with local government for each application as part of site investigations undertaken by applicants and private certifiers (PDF, 108KB)
151 14 November 2003 Form 17 Inspection of Fencing (PDF, 135KB)
148 13 November 2003 Role of building certifiers in the assessment of development applications involving building work in an erosion prone area and/or on land completely or partly seaward of a coastal building line (PDF, 110KB)

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