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 Building and Plumbing Newsflash—Latest editions

News from Building Codes Queensland is announced via 'Building and Plumbing Newsflashes' which are distributed via email. To subscribe, please email and insert ‘Subscribe to Newsflashes’ in the subject line. 

Below is a list of recent newsflashes. To view older newsflashes, use the links on the left.

Number Date Title Type and size
​557 ​27 October 2017 Orientation of collectors for solar heated water systems: Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code requirements ​(PDF, 95KB)
​556 ​2 December 2016 ​Changes to smoke alarm laws - effective 1 January 2017 ​(PDF, 79KB)

2 December

Changes to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) sign requirements ​(PDF, 40KB)
​554 ​28 October 2016 Queensland Home Warranty Scheme reforms (effective 28 October 2016) ​(PDF, 71KB)
​553 ​28 April 2016 Repeal of Queensland Development Code parts ​(PDF, 177KB)
​552 ​8 April 2016 Clarification on temporary pool fencing requirements during construction ​(PDF, 321KB)
​551 ​1 April 2016 Changes to the licence requirements for getting an open occupational plumbers and/or drainers licence ​(PDF, 329KB)
​550 ​5 February 2016 Changes to pool safety laws for existing and outdoor pools associated with regulated pools ​(PDF, 155KB)
​549 ​17 December 2015 Have your say on the Security of Payment discussion paper ​(PDF, 102KB)
​548 ​8 December 2015 Energy assessments for residential dwellings and use of software ​(PDF, 315KB)
​547 ​5 November 2015 ​Installation of expansion control valves on hot water storage systems ​(PDF, 166KB)
​546 ​21 August 2015 Changes to the license requirements for the installation of water meters ​(PDF, 58KB)
​545 ​17 August 2015 Changes to building requirements for existing dwellings in transport noise corridors ​(PDF, 66KB)
​544 ​8 July 2015 ​Inclusion of railways as designated transport noise corridors under the Building Act 1975 ​(PDF, 231KB)
​543 ​22 June 2015 Updated mapping State-controlled roads as designated transport noise corridors under the Building Act 1975 ​(PDF, 218KB)
​542 ​12 June 2015 Back-flow prevention devices for rainwater tanks 
Please note: As of 8 September 2015, this newsflash is  under review.
​(PDF, 282KB)
​541 ​5 June 2015 Pimpama-Coomera area approved to opt-in to the Queensland Development Code for supplementary water supply ​(PDF, 157KB)
​540 ​4 June 2015 Position of hot water indicators for mixing taps ​(PDF, 213KB)
​539 ​1 June 2015 Commencement of building code for farm buildings1 June 2015 ​(PDF, 336KB)
​538 ​1 May 2015 Comment of Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 2.4Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas ​(PDF, 50KB)
​537 ​12 December 2014 ​A revised version of Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 1.4Building over or near relevant infrastructure (MP 1.4) will commence on 15 December 2014 ​(PDF, 76KB)
​536 ​2 December 2014

Release of an external review of the Building Act 1975 and building certification in Queensland

The Wallace Report

​(PDF, 72KB)

(PDF, 4.5MB)

​535 ​20 November 2014 Changes to NAPmap property search tool for transport noise corridors ​(PDF, 72KB)
​534 ​4 November 2014 On-site sewerage facility requirements ​(PDF, 113KB)
​533 ​10 September 2014 Proposal to adopt Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 3.7—Farm buildings ​(PDF, 71KB)
​532 ​9 July 2014 Rainwater tanks approved for Toowoomba Regional Council area ​(PDF, 70KB)
​531 ​2 July 2014 Red tape reduction initiatives for swimming pools and temporary accommodation buildings ​(PDF, 62KB)
​530 ​1 July 2014 Changes to Queensland Development Code (QDC) Mandatory Part (MP) 6.1—Commissioning and maintenance of fire safety installations ​(PDF, 74KB)
​529 ​20 June 2014

Referrals for interconnected smoke alarms in Class 1 buildings and sole occupancy units in Class 2, 3 and 4 buildings

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service's generic referral agency advice

​(PDF, 68KB)


(PDF, 767KB)

​528 ​15 June 2014

Building and plumbing consultations being held across Queensland (updated)

​(PDF, 195KB)
​527 4 April 2014 Rainwater tank installation requirements (updated) ​(PDF, 87KB)
526​ ​6 January 2014 Repeal of Queensland Development Code 5.4 - Child care centres​ ​(PDF, 64KB)
525​ ​1 November 2013 New standards for building over or near relevant infrastructure and clarification about solar panel installations​ (PDF, 61KB) ​
524​ 24 July 20​13​ Pool safety red tape reduction for class 2, 3 and 4 buildings​ ​(PDF, 78KB)
523​ ​23 July 2013 Best practice guide for installation of floor waste gullies (P​DF, 87KB)​
522​ ​19 July 2013 Changes to the notifiable works scheme and other plumbing amendments (PDF, 62KB)​
521​ 3 June 2013​ Changes to licence classes under the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 and Queensland Building Services Authority Regulation 2003 (PDF, 69KB)​
520​ 27 May 2013​ Requirements for garage doors in cyclone regions (PDF, 26KB)​
519​ ​22 April 2013

Consultation on draft regulation amendments for installing roof mounted solar collector systems

Consultation draft of the Building and Other Legislation Amendment Regulation

(PDF, 40KB)

(PDF, 192KB)​

518​ 18 March 2013​ Amended building, plumbing and pool safety forms (PDF, 20KB)​
517​ 15 March 2013​ Amendments to the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 and the Building Act 1975 (Version 2)​ (PDF, 27KB)​
516​ 13 February 2013​ Guidelines for special fire services and referrals to the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (PDF, 18KB)​
515​ 7 February 2013​ Information for owners of flood affected properties (PDF, 27KB)​
514​ 4 February 2013​ Commencement of new building and plumbing laws to support the repeal of mandatory energy efficient hot water systems and water saving targets (rainwater tanks) (PDF, 22KB)​
513​ 14 December 2012​ Repeal of laws mandating energy efficient hot water systems and water saving (rainwater tanks) laws (PDF, 14KB)​
512​ ​21 November 2012 New pool safety inspector guidelines and the Housing and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 (PDF, 28KB)​
511​ 9 November 2012​ Building standards for education and care, and child care services (PDF, 35KB)​
510​ ​5 November 2012 Revised guidelines for pool owners and property agents; owners of shared pools need a pool safety certificate by 30 November 2012 (PDF, 24KB)​
509​ ​1 November 2012 Notifiable work and Accreditation Framework amendments (PDF, 24KB)​
508​ ​30 October 2012


(PDF, 17KB)


(PDF, 55KB)​

507​ 25 October 2012​ Guides for 'notifiable work' plumbing reforms (starting 1 November 2012) now available (PDF, 20KB) ​
506​ ​11 October 2012 Withdrawl from COAG commitments for 6-star units and a Residential Building Mandatory Disclosure scheme (PDF, 14KB)​
505​ 5 October 2012​ Notifiable work – amended regulations, including final categories of work are now online (PDF, 33KB)​
504​ 14 September 2012​ Review of hot water system laws: consultation (PDF, 26KB)​
503​ ​12 September 2012 Free training seminars about new plumbing laws (PDF, 37KB)​
355​ 8 September 2012​ NatHERS protocols for energy rating software and accrediting organisations for house energy assessors (PDF, 31KB)​
502​ ​31 August 2012 Continuing professional development for pool safety inspectors (PDF, 20KB)​
501​ 17 August 2012​ Expressions of interest for Building Development and Dispute Resolution Committee Referees (PDF, 19KB)​
500 6 August 2012 Amendments to the QDC for sustainable buildings, child care centres, and commissioning and maintenance of fire safety installations (PDF, 22KB)
499 27 July 2012 Logan City Council designates transport corridors (PDF, 32KB)
498 27 July 2012 Changes to pool fencing law (PDF, 37KB)
497 26 July 2012 Revised Queensland Development Code—Construction of buildings in flood hazard areas (PDF, 34KB)
496 10 July 2012 Proposal to adopt Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part (QDC) 1.4—Build over or near sewers, stormwater drains and water mains (draft QDC) (PDF, 34KB)
495 29 June 2012 Guidelines for inspection of class 2 to 9 buildings HTML
494 28 June 2012 Amendments to the Building Act 1975 HTML
493 4 June 2012 Draft guidelines for inspection of class 2 to 9 buildings HTML
492 1 June 2012 Results of the fire safety inspection program for existing residential care buildings HTML
491 25 May 2012 Red tape reduction on notifiable work—Draft regulation amendments and tables of notifiable, minor and unregulated work released for consultation HTML
490 17 May 2012 New versions to the Fire hydrant and sprinkler system commissioning and periodic test—Form 70 and Fire hydrant and sprinkler system commissioning and periodic maintenance procedure HTML
489 16 February 2012 Amendments to the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 and Building Act 1975; and advice for pool safety inspectors (PDF, 107KB)
488 23 December 2011 Requirements for solar and heat pump endorsement, plumbing training and local government powers (PDF, 87KB)
487 9 December 2011 Commissioning and maintenance of fire safety installations, child care centres code, footings inspections and various plumbing standards (PDF, 110KB)
486 23 November 2011 Building work under the Mineral Resources Act 1989 and the Petroleum Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 (PDF, 75KB)
485 11 November 2011 Provision of building approval data to local government (PDF, 73KB)
484 1 November 2011 New laws for pool fences on common boundaries (PDF, 75KB)
483 27 October 2011 Fixing of concrete and terracotta tiles on roofs in cyclonic regions

Guidance note on fixing of concrete and terracotta tiles in regions with wind category rating of C2 and C3.

(PDF, 89KB)

(PDF, 17KB)

482 14 October 2011 Proposed plumbing and building reforms and revised pools guideline (PDF, 97KB)
481 27 September 2011 NatHERS approved software tools (PDF, 135KB)
480 19 September 2011 Proposal to mandate a new QDC Part for excavation and piling near sewers, stormwater drains and water mains (PDF, 77KB)
479 7 September 2011 Amendments for residential care buildings, pool safety barriers on common boundaries and release of a disability access guideline (PDF, 56KB)
478 31 August 2011 Online plumbing applications, tempering valves and backflow testing procedures (PDF, 71KB)
477 11 August 2011 Building Australia’s Future Conference 2011

The next Building Australia’s Future Conference flyer

(PDF, 41KB)

(PDF, 631KB)

476 4 August 2011 Review of Queensland’s building certification system (PDF, 50KB)
475 3 August 2011 National residential mandatory disclosure—Consultation RIS (PDF, 44KB)
474 26 July 2011 Early adoption of Standard for Construction of Buildings in Flood Hazard Areas

Draft standard for construction of buildings in flood hazard areas

Flood handbook

(PDF, 69KB)

(PDF, 144KB)

(PDF, 305KB)

473 7 July 2011 Building Act 1975 amendments—Pool fencing and residential care buildings (PDF, 56KB)
472 7 July 2011 Exemptions for raising houses, extended registration period for pools and combination hand basin/cisterns (PDF, 101KB)
471 2 June 2011 Solar and heat pump hot water heater systems compliance reminder and free seminars

Solar and heat pump heated hot water system checklist

Top 10 defects—Solar and heat pump hot water system installation

(PDF, 112KB)

(PDF, 26KB)

(PDF, 571KB)

470 12 May 2011 Revised pool registration, spa pool heating requirements and guidelines, and new accreditation body for building certifiers (PDF, 104KB)
469 9 May 2011 Water system pressure management (PDF, 103KB)
468 6 May 2011 New disability access standards commenced 1 May 2011 (PDF, 74KB)
467 23 March 2011 Licence requirements including fire occupational licences and supervising apprentices/provisional plumbers

When a QBSA or Plumbing Industry Council licence is required

Site induction form—Plumbers and drainers

Site induction form—Fire protection

(PDF, 168KB)

(PDF, 32KB)

(DOC, 47KB)

(DOC, 46KB)

466 14 March 2011 Private certifiers course—Issuing development permits for building work (PDF, 78KB)
465 10 March 2011 Engineering services in flood and cyclone affected areas and guideline on repairing/rebuilding sheet metal roofs after a cyclone (PDF, 106KB)
464 21 February 2011 Legislative changes on pool safety and amendments to Building Act 1975 for building surveying technicians (PDF, 97KB)
463 24 January 2011 Building information for flood affected property owners, Queensland Plumbing Wastewater Code and plumbing forms (PDF, 61KB)
462 21 January 2011 Flood recovery work—Plumbing, drainage and on-site waste water management systems (PDF, 123KB)
461 21 January 2011 Flooding impacts on fire safety systems (PDF, 80KB)
460 19 January 2011 Re-occupying buildings affected by flood (PDF, 103KB)
459 10 January 2011 National Construction Code—Information seminars (PDF, 68KB)

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