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Strategic Plan 2017-21

Our vision

Working together to make a difference to Queenslanders by building better, safer places to live and work.

Our purpose and role

We support Queensland’s economic wellbeing and contribute to improving the quality of life for people and communities.

We are seeking to balance social outcomes with business and economic outcomes.

The department is responsible for delivering benefits to Queensland through a diverse range of services to people, communities, industry and government in the areas of housing, building, fleet and asset management and procurement services. As an organisation, we are also committed to achieving better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their communities.

We provide and/or regulate housing assistance and homelessness services for those who are in need

We deliver, manage, construct and maintain government assets, office accommodation, fleet and employee housing

We develop and administer policy, legislation and standards for building and residential industries

We enable more efficient procurement across government.

To deliver these services, we operate as one department, coordinating and integrating our broad range of business. We also partner, collaborate, consult and engage with communities, government and non-government agencies and with industry to inform our work and achieve outcomes.

Our diversity of services is our challenge as well as our strength.

Our opportunities

To position ourselves for the future, we will:

  • Develop our leadership capabilities at all levels to deliver effective strategic policy setting
  • Foster a culture of innovation and agility that enables us to meet the future needs and expectations of our clients, customers and stakeholders
  • Manage and build our knowledge to gain new insights and inform evidence based decisions that achieve innovative solutions.

Our link to government objectives

Integrity, accountability and consultation underpin what we do. We contribute to the Government’s objectives:

  • Delivering quality frontline services – by providing responsive and integrated housing and homelessness services
  • Creating jobs and a diverse economy – by promoting economic participation and supporting economic growth through safe and fair building policy, innovative procurement and service delivery
  • Building safe, caring and connected communities – by consulting and listening to the community to inform our policies and service delivery
  • Protecting the environment – by delivering sustainable built infrastructure and fleet management

Our long-term strategies and objectives

Our objectives

Fairer Industries – Greater Value – Better Opportunities – Agility and Integration

Our strategies

We will deliver four long term strategies to achieve outcomes for all Queenslanders.

  • Housing Strategy – to help build better housing futures
  • Building Strategy –delivered through the Queensland Building Plan, to drive liveable, innovative and sustainable building and houses
  • Procurement Strategy – to create and sustain value, make it easier to do business with government, and help Queenslanders prosper
  • One Department Strategy – to integrate and innovate for the future as we deliver our services.

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Our Challenges

We address our challenges through effective risk management. Our moderate risk appetite encourages innovation and supports our staff to take acceptable, calculated risks to achieve better outcomes. We have zero tolerance in the areas of workplace harm and fraud and corruption.

Our key challenges relate to:

  • Services meeting client needs – by strengthening our planning processes, client engagement, and monitoring our service delivery, we manage our ability to meet client needs and community expectations
  • Business services and products addressing customer requirements – through developing market knowledge, staff capability and informed service design we work to ensure our customers are satisfied and our business delivery is on target
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander outcomes – by engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities, we aim to address disadvantage through the delivery of effective policies and programs
  • Workforce capability – by focussing on improving the skills and engagement of our leaders and staff the department will attract and retain skilled employees and lift our productivity
  • Planning and resources – by working to align the department’s plans and resources to its strategic direction and priorities we aim to optimise our financial and service delivery outcomes.

To achieve our strategies, we will deliver:

Queensland Government Objectives

  • Delivering quality frontline services
  • Building safe, caring and connected communities

Our objective – What are we trying to achieve? 

  • Better lives, greater opportunities for people and communities

Our tactics – How are we going to do it?

  • Improve access to safe, secure, affordable and accessible homes
  • Build a fair and responsive housing and homelessness assistance system that provides a continuum of services
  • Support growth and development in regional and remote communities, including supporting other government agencies
  • Improve the health and safety of people in their homes through effective policy and regulation

Our performance – How will we know if we are successful?

  • Needs-based housing and homelessness assistance reforms
  • Client satisfaction
  • Level of compliance with residential sector legislation
  • Government employee housing matched to need

Queensland Government Objectives:

  • Creating jobs and a diverse economy
  • Protecting the environment

Our objective - What are we trying to achieve?    

  • Safer, fairer industries and environmental sustainability

Our tactics – How are we going to do it?

  • Engage with building and residential living industries to encourage innovation and growth and inform policy
  • Develop and advance policy that ensures safer and fairer building and residential living industries
  • Develop innovative solutions to deliver environmental sustainability

Our performance - How will we know if we are successful?

  • Policy reforms for safer, fairer industries (building and residential living)
  • Environmental sustainability in government asset portfolio (buildings and fleet)

Queensland Government Objectives:

  • Creating jobs and a diverse economy
  • Building safe, caring and connected communities

Our objective - What are we trying to achieve?  

  • Greater value and support for employment and economic opportunities

Our tactics – How are we going to do it?

  • Lead and support strategic and innovative procurement and link with industry, business and government sectors, ensuring support for regions
  • Generate new ideas and solutions through partnerships and collaborations
  • Use our resources and assets more efficiently and responsibly to deliver services through forward planning, smarter practices and leveraging of government resources

Our performance - How will we know if we are successful?

  • Smarter and more efficient use of resources
  • Procurement practice reforms
  • Support for regions through contracting arrangements

Our objective- What are we trying to achieve?   

  • A collaborative, integrated, agile organisation

Our tactics – How are we going to do it?

  • Invest in our people to achieve performance excellence and workplace diversity and flexibility
  • Progress strong leadership and engagement, a professional culture and good governance to motivate values-driven service delivery
  • Embrace changing technology and tools to ensure responsive solutions, flexible operations and service innovations
  • Promoting agility across the department to respond to changing direction
  • Enhance knowledge management and data analytics to support evidence based decision making

Our performance - How will we know if we are successful?

  • Staff satisfaction and empowerment
  • Skilled and culturally capable workforce
  • Support for a diverse workforce
  • Progressive and responsive systems

Our acknowledgement

We respectfully acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owners and Elders of the lands and sea on which we meet, live, learn and work.
We acknowledge those of the past, the Ancestors whose strength has nurtured this land and its people, and who have passed on their wisdom; we acknowledge those of the present for their leadership and ongoing effort to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures; and we acknowledge those of the future, the Elders not yet born who will inherit the legacy of all our efforts.

Our Values

Our values form the foundation for our work and our culture. We are committed to high standards of professional conduct, and ethical business practices.

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