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Notifiable work

On 1 November 2012, a new category of plumbing and drainage work called 'notifiable work' commenced in Queensland, reducing red tape, delays and costs for licensees, local governments and consumers. 

What is notifiable work?

Notifiable work extends the amount of work a plumber or drainer can perform without a local government permit or any requirement for mandatory inspections.

Notifiable work includes most plumbing and drainage work performed in existing homes including:

  • kitchen and bathroom additions and renovations
  • installing or replacing hot water heaters including electric, solar or heat pump hot water heaters
  • installing additional fixtures such as toilets, showers and sinks
  • extending or altering pipe work.

Some plumbing and drainage work will also be able to be performed on commercial buildings.

The schedule of notifiable work (PDF, 139KB), as prescribed in schedule 2 of the Standard of Plumbing Drainage Regulation 2003 is now available.

For further information about changes to the schedule of work/categories, view the fact sheet for:

For more information, view the fact sheet for:

Recent amendments to notifiable work legislation  

On 5 March 2013, the Housing and Other Legislation Amendment Bill was passed by Parliament to introduce a number of amendments to plumbing and building legislation relating to notifiable work.
Amendments to the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 include:
  • clarifying that notifiable work is ‘completed’ when the work becomes operational (in working order and ready for use) or when an invoice is issued, whichever is earlier. This will avoid licensees having to lodge a separate notice for multiple pieces of notifiable work on one job where different aspects of the work are completed on different days
  • allowing a licensee proposing to undertake a combination of notifiable and compliance assessable work, or just notifiable work, to apply to a local government for compliance assessment
  • clarifying who is responsible for notifying the Plumbing Industry Council where there is more than one licensee involved in the performance of the notifiable work
  • including a provision for the Plumbing Industry Council to disclose licensee and home owner information relating to a notifiable work notification to local governments to facilitate audits.

The Building Act 1975 has also been amended to clarify that a building certifier may rely on a Form 4 as proof that the plumbing and drainage aspects of a building are complete for the purposes of issuing a Certificate of Classification.

Guidelines for licensees and local governments

Guidelines are now available to assist plumbers and drainers and local governments understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to the notifiable work reforms:

View the notifiable works guidelines for:


Notifiable work requires licensees to lodge a Form 4 - Notifiable work with the Plumbing Industry Council (PIC) within 10 business days of completing the work. The Form 4 can be lodged:

  • manually, using the Form 4 - Notifiable work book, for a $36.20 fee per form
  • electronically, using the Plumbing application service, for a $26.80 fee per form.

Plumbers and drainers are required to give a copy of the Form 4 to their customers.

A downloadable Form 4 can be used for a fee of $36.20 if PAS or your Form 4 book is unavailable. Please contact the Plumbing Industry Council Notifiable Work Hotline on 1800 264 585 prior to completing this form for your unique identification number. 

Notifiable work for public sector entities

Plumbers and drainers who undertake notifiable work for, or on behalf of, a public sector entity are not required to pay a lodgement fee to the Plumbing Industry Council where a Form 4A is being used.
A public sector entity includes organisations such as a local government, State government department, public hospital or public school.
On 14 March 2013, a new process for notifiable work for public sector entities came into effect. Licensees performing notifiable work for public sector entities may now complete a Form 4A – Notifiable work for public sector entities where the public sector entity has agreed to this method of lodgement. More information about the new process is available in this fact sheet.

Audit programs

To help ensure that the health and safety standards currently enjoyed by Queenslanders remain high, the Plumbing Industry Council and local governments will work together to audit licensees and plumbing work respectively to ensure that plumbers and drainers are complying with their obligations.

The Plumbing Industry Council may approve an audit program to monitor lodgement of Form 4s. A list of approved audit programs is available online or by contacting the Plumbing Industry Council.

Renamed categories of work

The new legislation also simplifies various categories of plumbing and drainage work.

Minor work

The previous category of 'other minor work' has been renamed and expanded to 'minor work'.

Minor work must be undertaken by an appropriately licensed person and does not need to be notified to the Plumbing Industry Council.

Compliance assessable work

Any work not included in the schedules of notifiable work, minor work or unregulated work will be 'compliance assessable work' and will be subject to local government compliance assessment (through a Form 1 process) and inspection requirements.

Notifiable work training seminars

The Plumbing Industry Council invited plumbers and drainers, industry representatives, local governments and consumers to a series of free training seminars across the State during September and October 2012.

The training seminars were attended by more than 1700 plumbers, drainers, and industry and local government representatives. The presentations provided information about the new categories of plumbing and drainage work, the new Form 4 lodgement system and audit programs.

View the training seminar presentation (PDF, 805KB) or answers to the frequently asked questions.

More information

For more information about notifiable work, call the Plumbing Industry Council Notifiable Work Hotline on 1800 264 585 or email

Last updated 25 July 2014

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