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Secondary quality

Secondary quality effluent has these compliance characteristics:

  • 90% of the samples taken over the test period shall have a BOD5 less than or equal to 20g/m3 with no sample greater than 30g/m3.
  • 90% of the samples taken over the test period shall have total suspended solids less than or equal to 30g/m3 with no sample greater than 45 g/m3.
  • Where disinfection is provided, 90% of the samples taken over the test period shall have thermotolerant coliform count (determined by either the most probably number of membrane filter technique) not exceeding 200 organisms per 100ml with no sample exceeding 1000 organisms per 100ml.
  • Where chlorination is the disinfection process, the total chlorine concentration shall be greater than or equal to 0.5g.m3 and less than 2.0g/m3 in 4 out of 5 samples taken.

Approved facilities

Company name Approved facilities Approval documents Expiry date
AWTS/Envirocycle (QLD) Pty Ltd Envirocycle Model Mark 6 Department of Primary Industries Approved: 1987
Envirocycle Model 14 Department of Primary Industries Approved: 1994
Envirocycle 4000L Primary Treatment Tank Department of Natural Resources and Mines Approved: 1993
Envirocycle 10-20 Person Commercial Department of Natural Resources and Mines Approved: 1992
Envirocycle Model 12Q Department of Natural Resources and Mines Approved: 1990
B.V. Hawthorne Pty Ltd (trading as Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment Ecosafe Aerobic Sand Filter Chief executive approval 05/2016 (PDF, 449KB) 26 April 2021
Biolytix Ltd Biolytix BF6 Mark 2 Chief executive approval 01/2016 (PDF, 1.1MB) 18 Feb 2021
Bioseptic Pty Ltd Bioseptic Performa 2000 Chief executive approval 07/2015 (PDF, 2.1MB)  10 April 2020
Chankar Environmental Pty Ltd Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES 38) Chief executive approval 27/2015 (PDF, 550KB) 8 Nov 2020
Eco-Septic Pty Ltd (trading as Econocycle) Econocycle Model ENC 10-2

Chief executive approval 04/2013 (PDF, 170KB)

23 May 2018
Econocycle Model ENC 10-1 Chief executive approval 03/2013 (PDF, 181KB)  23 May 2018
Econocycle Model ENP 10-2 Chief executive approval 05/2013 (PDF, 179KB)  23 May 2018
Eloy Water Australia Oxyfix C-90 10PE - No Disinfection Chief executive approval 15/2016 (PDF, 798KB) 20 December 2021
Envirotech IP Pty Ltd ATF Envirotech IP Trust Envirotech A.S.F.

Chief executive approval 02/2013 amendment No. 1 (PDF, 203KB)

Drawings (PDF, 79KB)

18 March 2018
Earthsafe Environmental Pty Ltd EarthSafe Environmental Model ES10 PC Chief executive approval 06/2013 (PDF, 412KB) 28 May 2018
Everhard Industries Pty Ltd Aqua-Nova models 80100, 80110 and 80114 Chief executive approval 12/2015 (PDF, 393KB)  6 May 2020
Aqua-Nova model 10114 Chief executive approval 10/2015 (PDF, 227KB)  19 April 2020
Aqua-Nova model 80203 Chief executive approval 15/2015 (PDF, 220KB)  19 April 2020
Aqua-Nova model 10100

Chief executive approval 13/2015 (PDF, 326KB) 

19 April 2020 
Fuji Clean Australia Pty Ltd Fuji Clean Wastewater Treatment System Model No’s CE1200 Chief executive approval 05/2014 (PDF, 494KB) 13 May 2019
Graf Australia Pty Ltd Graf Klaro Epro15 Chief executive approval 21/2015 (PDF, 338KB)  12 August 2020
Houston Services Pty Ltd WWR-Mark IV Chief executive approval 12/2016 (PDF, 6MB)   19 October 2021
JOWA Group Pty Ltd (trading as Biocycle)​ Biocyle 4700L Dept Primary Industries approval 18/2006 (PDF, 153KB) Approved 1993
Biocyle 6000L 6000 L Dept Natural Resources and Mines approval dated 02/1985 (PDF, 357KB)  Approved 1987
Biocyle 'Hunter' 5100 Hunter 5100 L Dept Natural Resources approval dated 01/1990 (PDF, 252KB) Approved 1991
Biocyle 10—20 person Biocycle 10 - 20 EP approval dated 01/1991 (PDF, 172KB) Approved 1991
Biocyle 4550 S.P. Conversio Biocycle 4550 S.P. Dept Natural Resources and Mines approval date 07/2002 (PDF, 291KB) Approved 1987
Enviroseptic Model 10 Model 10 approved dated 06/1995 (PDF, 372KB)  Approved 1995
Enviroseptic Model 114 Model 114 approval dated 06/1995 (PDF, 400KB)  Approved 1995
Kingspan Water & Energy Pty Ltd ​BioFicient Series 1 Chief executive approval 01/2019 (PDF, 10.3MB)​ ​19 Feb 2024
Nature Flow Systems Pty Ltd Nature Flow MK II STP Chief executive approval 26/2015 (PDF, 1.05MB)  20 Jan 2021
Quality Tanks Pty Ltd Krystel Kleer CD 100 Chief executive approval 03/2015 (PDF, 476KB) 19 Mar 2020
Rotomoulding Pty Ltd UBI Aqua 6000 Chief executive approval 05/2017 (PDF, 2MB) 26 July 2022
Rainflow Stormwater Solution P/L GM 7100 Elite Chief executive approval 07/2016 (PDF, 1MB) 

 11 May 2021
Suncoast Waste Water Management Ozzi Kleen RP10 Chief executive approval 02/2016 (PDF, 3.65MB) 15 Apr 2021
Taylex Industries Pty Ltd Clearwater 90 Deluxe Chief executive approval 11/2016 (PDF, 1.18MB) 22 Sep 2021

More information

For more information view our on-site sewerage page or contact Building Industry and Policy​.

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