Movement and Place Award

Fish lane

Image Credit: Scott Burrows

The Movement and Place Award was established in 2022 to celebrate projects that successfully integrate transport and movement outcomes in conjunction with the delivery of a high-quality place to maximum social and economic benefits for communities across Queensland.


Entry is open to any transport, movement or urban design project that has recently been completed in Queensland (constructed) that delivers a high-quality place integrated with transport or movement objectives.

Entries should consist of relevant plans, photographs, sections and sketches together with a short description of the proposed design including key design features and innovations that support a movement and place outcome for all.  Entries are encouraged to be kept short and concise.  If the project has previously been entered in another Awards program (e.g. the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Awards), that submission material may be reused here.

Applicants will be judged on their entry submission for an eligible project by a jury chaired by the Queensland Government Architect. No site visits are planned as part of the judging process.

Entries should be received by Monday 15 May 2024 and submitted via

Entry Fee

There is no fee.


The jury is as follows:

  • Leah Lang (Chair) – Queensland Government Architect
  • Sally Stannard – Director-General – Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Toby Lodge – Project Director - Master Plan, South Bank Corporation

Judging criteria

An applicant’s submission/s will be considered against the following criteria, namely:

  1. People and place focus (i.e. project outcome meets the environmental, social and economic aspirations of a place as well as the transport system)
  2. Contextually holistic (i.e. all users and modes considered alongside place)
  3. Vision led (i.e. the project has been shaped or driven by an endorsed vision with clear desired outcomes)
  4. Collaboration (i.e. stakeholders shaped the development and application of movement and place vision for the project).


The following possible awards are to be determined and assessed by the jury as part of the judging process:

  • Movement and Place Award
  • Commendation\s


The award(s) will be announced by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Planning and Minister for Public Work, the Honourable Meaghan Scanlon MP at an event on Monday 15 July 2024. The event, organised by the Office of the Queensland Government Architect (OQGA), brings together leading architects, landscape architects and planners from across Queensland, promoting the built environment's pivotal role in the culture, sustainability and economy of the region.

Terms and conditions

Publicity and copyright

By entering, the applicant declares they are authorised to submit their entry submission for the eligible project and have obtained appropriate releases and authorities in writing from the eligible project clients, collaborating organisations, copyright holders for entry submission materials, licensees, photographers and, where applicable, the principal/director of the applicant’s employer, including for any resultant publicity.

The OQGA does not make any claims on copyright or intellectual property of the designs entered other than the rights outlined in the following paragraph. By entering, the applicant agrees to absolve the OQGA from any liability relating to confidentiality or intellectual property issues that may be raised by any party.

The OQGA reserves the right to exhibit or publish any or all the entries. By entering the awards, the applicant gives permission to the OQGA to publish, exhibit and promote the content of the entry submission, including by supporters of the awards, where their use of submission content is specifically related to their promotion of their involvement in the awards. Specific information about eligible project budgets is not released for publication.

In all promotion, the OQGA will endeavour to promote the name of the firm/s that have authored the eligible project, and where the OQGA is made aware of their names, to the extent that the OQGA can exert editorial control, and where space permits, other contributors, such as photographers, will be acknowledged.

All applicants must be prepared to submit further material for exhibition and publication if required, such as additional photography, drawings and other information. The applicant acknowledges that the OQGA has the right to reproduce materials in whole or part without payment of release or licensing fees to the holder of publication rights or copyright.

General conditions

An entry shall be excluded from consideration of an award if it does not fulfil these entry conditions.

Entries received in previous years will not be eligible for future awards.

The OQGA is committed to providing a quality awards program to the design industry and makes every attempt to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of the information included in this document and elsewhere.

However, changes in content and process may become necessary at the absolute discretion of the OQGA. The OQGA accepts no liability for any use of the said content or reliance placed upon it.

Privacy, disclosure and consent to use personal information

By entering the awards, the applicant acknowledges and agrees that their personal information is being collected by the OQGA for the purposes of judging, conducting, and administering the awards.

If an applicant wins an award, the applicant consents to the OQGA disclosing their personal information in promotional material, including photographs taken at the awards event on the department’s website and social media, relating to the awards.

The collection, use and disclosure of personal information will be handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.