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Department of Environment and Science

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DES19043 Standing Offer Arrangement for Landscape Architect Services 2019-07-17 $1
DES19094 2019 Artist in Residence Science Mural Project for Dutton Park State School 2019-07-10 $11,000
DES19144A Engineering review of landfill design against the groundwater environmental objective and performance outcomes. 2019-07-01 $44,000
DES19131A Engineering review of landfill design against the groundwater environmental objective and performance outcomes 2019-07-01 $44,000
DES19081 Develop Framework - Material Flow Analysis 2019-07-01 $83,921
DES19165 Scope for a proposed Economic Benefits Study Plastic Free Places 2019-06-26 $21,000
DES19019 Services to undertake Peer Review 2019-06-26 $16,471
DES19120 Technical specialist - resource activity environmental risk management 2019-06-25 $76,000
DES19111 Construction of Connors Bluff DUA Carpark 2019-06-25 $82,423
DES18190 Walking track construction for Trail A, Curtis Island National Park. 2019-06-25 $139,370
DES19083 Decarbonisation of the Great Barrier Reef Islands Whole of Island Community Pilot 2019-06-21 $1,034,844
DES19040 Design, Development and Delivery of Contemporary Authorised Officer Training 2019-06-21 $79,200
DES19109 Provision of Localised Climate Information Package 2019-06-20 $44,000
DES19163 Environmental Review of Various Sites on the Cooloola Great Walk, Great Sandy National Park 2019-06-19 $66,000
DS19076 Queensland Water Modelling Network RD&I Priorities 2019-06-14 $572,000
DES19155 Interactive Reef Report Card content management system 2019-06-14 $136,400
DES19134 Provision of Services - Scientific Specialist Service 2019-06-14 $247,000
DES19098 Specialist Services for Digitisation of Queensland Herbarium 2019-06-14 $145,000
DES19054 Kerbside Waste and Recycling Collection Options 2019-06-11 $156,000
DIS0219 Provision of Office 365 Personal Training Program 2019-06-07 $14,438
DES19143 Provision of Services as a pilot for improving science data using API management tools 2019-06-04 $27,225
DES19057A Provision of Solution Architect for Biodiversity Systems Modernisation Project 2019-06-04 $199,936
DIS0119 Provision of Licences 2019-06-03 $50,434
DES19150 Plastic Water Trough 2019-06-03 $138,000
DES19057B Provision of System Integration Services for Biodiversity Systems Modernisation Project 2019-06-03 $33,000
DES1139 Provision of SME Services for ASDI Program 2019-05-30 $24,200
DES19149 Analysis on habitat mapping spatial data 2019-05-29 $20,478
DES19127 Independent Scientific Expert panel 2019-05-29 $130,391
DES19152 Executive Media Coaching 2019-05-27 $24,420
DES19148 Design and development of the Gurra Gurra Integrated First Nations Engagement Framework 2019-05-27 $98,500
DES19142 Engage State-Wide Community Groups to run Climate Change Events during Climate Week 2019-05-27 $45,000
DES19141 Embed the DES Delivery Office 2019-05-27 $526,713
DES19140 National Battery Stewardship Scheme 2019-05-24 $353,650
DES19135 Carbon Farming Venue Hire and Catering 2019-05-24 $52,396
DES19099 Provision of Services to Curate and Oversee the Development and Management of the First Nations Climate Summit 2019-05-24 $135,000
DES19116 Professional Services to Support SGC ACA Expert Elicitation Process 2019-05-23 $19,800
DES19082 Mountain Bike Tracks Maintenance at Daisy Hills 2019-05-23 $26,536
DES19018 Ex-HMAS Tobruk and Ex-HMAS Brisbane Inspection and Maintenance 2019-05-23 $103,796
DES19138 Online engagement platform for public consultation on the Climate Transition Options Paper. 2019-05-22 $36,575
DES19122 Beverage Container Litter Audits 2019-05-22 $151,284
DES19107 Review and Provision of Recommendations for the Koala Offsets Policy 2019-05-20 $35,000
DES19056 Provision of HPC Equipment 2019-05-17 $444,355
DES18188 Cedar Creek Critical Fireline 2019-05-17 $73,900
DES19070 Delivery of the Queensland Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan 2019-05-16 $249,546
DES19133 QPWS Office Refurbishment at Portsmith 2019-05-15 $50,000
DES19130 Professional Services to Support the NWH BPA Expert Elicitation Process 2019-05-14 $23,925
DES19072 Review of significant residual impact guidelines for the Environmental Offsets Act 2014 2019-05-14 $76,010
DES19164 Waste Levy Compliance Framework Support 2019-05-13 $124,080
DES19071 Delivery and report of public forums on the Climate Transition 2050 Green Paper across Queensland. 2019-05-13 $140,000
DES19049 Concept Designs for two (2) x 16 metre Patrol Vessels 2019-05-13 $135,014
DES19103 Oak Hills Machinery Shed Flooring 2019-05-10 $40,000
DES19121 Provision of Policy Training 2019-05-09 $58,000
DES19118 Flora and Fauna Survey services at Chinchilla 2019-05-09 $13,000
DES19053 Vessel barge services to Raine Island 2019-05-09 $291,671
DES18276 Management Synthesis for Reef Programs 2019-05-09 $107,000
DES19096 Helicopter Charter Aerial Surveys 2019-05-08 $20,000
DSITI91569 Provision of Australian Access Federation (AAF) services Trial 2019-05-03 $10,230
DES19069C Supply and install of Plumbing system for Construction of Cairns crocodile ponds 2019-05-03 $17,380
ASDI110 Provision of Server Upgrade at Queensland Herbarium 2019-05-03 $12,789
DES18306 Public Mooring and Reef Protection Marker maintenance services in the Great Barrier Reef and Marine Parks Region 2019-2023 2019-05-01 $1
DES19061 The Replacement of Wallaby Circuit Dais at Walkbout 2019-04-30 $16,000
DES18278 Land Restoration Fund Project Management Office 2019-04-30 $154,000
DIS9319 Provision of Microsoft Office Training 2019-04-26 $52,220
DES19021 Design and installation of rock fall protection system and associated works 2019-04-24 $189,640
DES19052 Wet hire of plant and machinery hire Raine Island sand re-profiling 2019-04-18 $278,249
DES19106 Riegl VZ - 400i Terrestial Laser Scanner with Camera, Software and accessoies. 2019-04-17 $143,451
DES19058 Specialist user-centred design consulting services 2019-04-17 $202,400
DES18170 Wildlife Platform CrocWatch Project 2019-04-12 $400,576
DES18163B Nerang National Park mountain bike trail upgrade 2019-04-12 $99,852
DES19002 South Cape York Catchment Joint Management Support 2019-04-11 $199,580
DES19078 Peer Review of Noise Data - Coal Mine, Toowoomba 2019-04-10 $14,256
DES19069B Supply and install Block laying for Construction of Cairns crocodile ponds 2019-04-10 $13,300
DES19050 6.2m Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat 2019-04-10 $224,421
DES19025 Kroombit National Park Day Use Area Landscape Design 2019-04-10 $43,000
DES19027 Reconstruction Beachcombers Walking Track 2019-04-08 $105,140
DES18224 Construction and Delivery of one (1) only x 5.0m high speed, aluminium turtle research vessel. 2019-04-05 $85,800
DES19077 Development of Cost Calculation Tool 2019-04-04 $112,959
DES19069A Concrete Cutting, Earthmoving and Excavation Construction of Cairns crocodile ponds 2019-04-04 $16,499
DES19012 Perigian Boardwalk Post Encasement andDeck Replacement 2019-04-04 $168,000
DES18280 RP210 Herbert Catchment Regional Solutions 2019-04-03 $798,000
SWR19032 Caiwarro House Relocation 2019-04-02 $148,500
DES19068 Review of Phase 2 Report of "Critical evaluation of composting operations and feedstock suitability" 2019-04-01 $28,930
DES19063 Services to support theQueensland Climate Week June 2019 2019-03-29 $1
DES19048 Fraud and Corruption Awareness for Managers 2019-03-28 $70,000
DES19026 Goomoolahra DUA Upgrade 2019-03-28 $45,000
DES19065 Lake Eyre Basin Traditional Owner's Forum 2019-03-27 $22,000
DES19011 Mt Ngungun Walking Track Upgrade 2019-03-27 $460,000