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Department of Environment and Science

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DES19105A Socio-economic analysis of possible changes to the Marine Parks (Great Sandy) Zoning Plan 2017 2019-09-20 $119,197
DES19016 PFAS Analyses – Qld ambient monitoring program 2019-09-19 $104,665
DES19224 Purchase of Spectrophotometer - Aquatic Ecosystem Health 2019-09-18 $23,302
DES19214 Supply and Installation of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System 2019-09-12 $185,635
DES19199 Detailed Design, Forts Junction Hub Upgrade, Magnetic Island 2019-09-10 $149,000
DES19086 Provision of Earthmoving Services for the Construction of an Internal Road System and Drilling Pads 2019-09-02 $61,276
DES19173 Lifeguard Services for Green island 2019-08-30 $326,000
DES19206 Engagement of Executive Assistant (AO4) 2019-08-20 $27,602
DES19198 support plan for the ongoing maintenance and servicing of Chemistry Centre ICP Spectrometers 2019-08-13 $59,000
DES19123 The Maiala Day Use Area Upgrade at D'Aguilar National Park 2019-08-02 $1,419,291
DES19060 The Gantry Day Use Area Upgrade at D'Aguilar National Park 2019-07-29 $969,708
DES18312 Partner Organisation to Deliver and Support Koala Habitat Restoration Activities 2019-07-29 $1,960,000
DES18187 Delivery of Carbon Farm at Lake Wivenhoe Dam 2019-07-29 $1,223,862
DES19186 Purchase of Munters dehumidifier 2019-07-24 $39,160
DES18209 DES18209 Legislative Advice relating to implementation of Container Refund Scheme 2019-07-24 $110,068
DES19160 Review of Groundwater Application to Amend an Environmental Authority 2019-07-22 $66,356
DES19167 DES19167 Waste Levy Readiness Assessment 2019-07-19 $39,778
DES19100A DES19100A for thr purchase of Upgrade Minjerrbah Beach Campgrounds 2019-07-19 $171,869
DES19102 DES19102 for the purchase of two 3.7m Seajay nomad vessels 2019-07-18 $30,000
DES19043 Standing Offer Arrangement for Landscape Architect Services 2019-07-17 $1
DES19182 RWHAAS2019 Watti Watti Project 2019-07-16 $19,800
DES19094 2019 Artist in Residence Science Mural Project for Dutton Park State School 2019-07-10 $11,000
DES19144A Engineering review of landfill design against the groundwater environmental objective and performance outcomes. 2019-07-01 $44,000
DES19131A Engineering review of landfill design against the groundwater environmental objective and performance outcomes 2019-07-01 $44,000
DES19081 Develop Framework - Material Flow Analysis 2019-07-01 $83,921
DES19165 Scope for a proposed Economic Benefits Study Plastic Free Places 2019-06-26 $21,000
DES19019 Services to undertake Peer Review 2019-06-26 $16,471
DES19120 Technical specialist - resource activity environmental risk management 2019-06-25 $76,000
DES19111 Construction of Connors Bluff DUA Carpark 2019-06-25 $82,423
DES18190 Walking track construction for Trail A, Curtis Island National Park. 2019-06-25 $139,370
DES19087 Provision of ESDAT Server Licences 2019-06-21 $24,616
DES19083 Decarbonisation of the Great Barrier Reef Islands Whole of Island Community Pilot 2019-06-21 $1,034,844
DES19040 Design, Development and Delivery of Contemporary Authorised Officer Training 2019-06-21 $79,200
DES19109 Provision of Localised Climate Information Package 2019-06-20 $44,000
DES19163 Environmental Review of Various Sites on the Cooloola Great Walk, Great Sandy National Park 2019-06-19 $66,000
DS19076 DES19076 Queensland Water Modelling Network RD&I Priorities 2019-06-14 $572,000
DES19155 Interactive Reef Report Card content management system 2019-06-14 $136,400
DES19134 Provision of Services - Scientific Specialist Service 2019-06-14 $247,000
DES19098 Specialist Services for Digitisation of Queensland Herbarium 2019-06-14 $145,000
DES19166E DES19166E - For the purchase of Caley Valley Components 5 - Refrigerated 2019-06-12 $30,938
DES19166C DES19166C Caley Valley Components 3 - Height Sensors 2019-06-12 $13,238
DES19166B DES19166B for the purchase of Caley Valley Components 2 - Xylem 2019-06-12 $51,695
DES19100B Purchase signs Minjerribah Beach Camping upgrades 2019-06-12 $36,336
DES19054 Kerbside Waste and Recycling Collection Options 2019-06-11 $156,000
DES19097 Conduct Specialised Research in the Great Barrier Reef 2019-06-10 $23,666
DIS0219 Provision of Office 365 Personal Training Program 2019-06-07 $14,438
DES19143 Provision of Services as a pilot for improving science data using API management tools 2019-06-04 $27,225
DES19057A Provision of Solution Architect for Biodiversity Systems Modernisation Project 2019-06-04 $199,936
DIS0119 Provision of Licences 2019-06-03 $50,434
DES19150 Plastic Water Trough 2019-06-03 $138,000
DES19057B Provision of System Integration Services for Biodiversity Systems Modernisation Project 2019-06-03 $33,000
DES1139 Provision of SME Services for ASDI Program 2019-05-30 $24,200
DES19149 Analysis on habitat mapping spatial data 2019-05-29 $20,478
DES19127 Independent Scientific Expert panel 2019-05-29 $130,391
DES19152 Executive Media Coaching 2019-05-27 $24,420
DES19148 Design and development of the Gurra Gurra Integrated First Nations Engagement Framework 2019-05-27 $98,500
DES19142 Engage State-Wide Community Groups to run Climate Change Events during Climate Week 2019-05-27 $45,000
DES19141 Embed the DES Delivery Office 2019-05-27 $526,713