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The University of Queensland

Reference # Title Award Date Value
UQ1913 UQ Library non-subscriptions 2019-10-15 $1
UQ1914 For the Provision of UQ Vet Supplies 2019-09-18 $1
UQ1917 Enterprise emergency management review 2019-08-26 $61,250
UQ1921 For the Provision of Accommodation and Catering for the UQ Young Achievers Residential Camps 2019-08-08 $167,979
UQ1912 Photography and Videography - Approved Supplier List 2019-07-05 $1
UQ1910A For the supply and installation of marquees and equipment predominately for Graduation Ceremonies 2019-07-03 $750,000
UQ1909A The Fitness and Wellness Centre (FWC) - Request for Early Contractor Involvement Fees 2019-07-03 $147,443
2018RMSITO Research Management System 2019-06-24 $985,350

The University of Queensland - Information Technology Services

Reference # Title Award Date Value
2018UQPRFQ The Queensland of University Press website redevelopment 2019-08-12 $54,900
2019EDXRFQ UQ Open EdX development and operations services 2019-08-02 $68,750
2018UQBRITO UQBR Vivarium Management System 2019-07-19 $665,787
2018CPTRFQ Collaboration and Planning Tool 2019-06-29 $183,750
2018AVPSAITO UQ Audio Visual Goods and Services Procurement and Supply 2019-06-24 $5,000,000