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Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DJAG6521920 Recording & Transcription Project - Sourcing, Procurement & Contract Management 2019-08-29 $136,752
DJAG6401819 Design Authority for Implementation of the ICT Strategy 2019-08-21 $1,910,832
DJAG6021718 Court Reception Services for Specialist DFV Court Roll Out 2019-08-21 $550,000
DJAG6311819 Allocation of 2018-19 Contingency Funding 2019-08-19 $81,992
DJAG6441819 ICT Strategy Implementation Plan - Provision of Gated Assurance 2019-08-02 $102,630
DJAG6191819 For the provision of consultancy services to develop a strategy and action plan in relation to improving engagement with Aboriginal & Torres Straught Islander peoples and communities 2019-07-23 $390,680
DJAG6051819 Windows 10 Managed Operating Environment (MOE) Upgrade 2019-07-08 $897,254
DJAG6381819 Business Analysis Services for Individual Licensing 2019-07-01 $96,617
DJAG6161819 Victim Services Funding Program: Building Capacity 2019-20 2019-06-24 $70,470
DJAG6131819 Standing Offer Arrangement for the Provision of a Panel of Receivers 2019-06-03 $2,000,000
DJAG6211819 Evaluation of the Court Link program 2019-05-31 $393,754
DJAG6091819 Southport Specialist DFV Court Evaluation 2019-05-31 $236,420
DJAG6201819 Queensland Drug and Alcohol Court Evaluation 2019-05-28 $474,860