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Department of Transport and Main Roads - RoadTek

Reference # Title Award Date Value
RTCNS5019 Installation of Concrete Kerbing for Loridan Drive/View Street Intersection Upgrades and Stratford Connection Road Pedestrian Crossing and Refuge project 2019-09-20 $35,774
WBB574 Provision of Minor Insitu Stabilisation Works 2019-09-18 $343,185
WBB580 Provision of Batter Works 2019-09-16 $76,000
RTML1119 Provision of Camp Accommodation and Meals at Bowen Developmental Road, Mt Coolon 2019-09-12 $3,791,442
WBB569 Provision of Large Reinforced Steel Cages 2019-09-04 $750,000
WBB531A Supply and Installation of Steel Liners and Placement of Concrete Infill 2019-09-02 $298,378
RT24 Standing Offer Arrangement for Vegetation Management Services 2019-08-26 $6,000,000
WBB571 Provision of Sealing Works 2019-08-22 $94,000
WBB570 Provision of Quarry Materials 2019-08-22 $155,000
WBB568 Provision of Quarry Materials 2019-08-21 $19,000
FMU03719A Supply and delivery of a Prime Mover Truck, 23000kg RGVM 2019-08-09 $340,000
FMU03519 Cold Applied Plastic Line-marking equipment 2019-08-09 $130,000
WBB567 Provision for Sealing and Asphalt Works 2019-08-05 $35,000
WBB566 Provision of Pavement Materials and Pre-coated Screenings 2019-08-05 $58,000
BW52719 Supply & Installation of Bituminous products - South Pine Rd & Halle St 2019-08-05 $155,000
BW52219 South Pine Road Drainage Improvement Works 2019-08-05 $45,000
RT22 SOA for the Provision of Disposal Services for Fleet Items 2019-08-01 $100,000
WBB560 Provision of Pavement Materials and Pre-coated Screenings 2019-07-18 $900,000
FMU02119 Truck 8t Dual Cab Tipper and Tray Back 2019-07-18 $1,900,000
RTNTH4519 Provision of Underground Boring Services 2019-07-17 $69,806
FMU01219 Truck 4.5t and 6.5t 2019-07-17 $568,510
WBB561 Provision of Sealing Works 2019-07-15 $169,372
FMU03319 Fixed Vehicle Hoists 2019-07-05 $120,000
WBB559 Provision for Pavement Materials 2019-07-01 $86,000
RTNTH3319 Transport, Installation and Removal of Sheet Piles 2019-06-19 $276,397
WBB552 Provision of Pavement Materials and Pre-coated Screenings 2019-06-13 $45,800
RTNTH4119 Provision of Bituminous Surfacing Services 2019-05-31 $204,410
SC423507 Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation - Eumundi-Kenilworth Road, Belli Park 2019-05-28 $500,000