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Wacol Piggery Demolition  

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Level 32, 400 George Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4000
Wacol Piggery Demolition (DAF19010)
Goods and Services
Wacol Piggery Demolition

 Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, contractor shall supply all labour, supervision, consumable materials, equipment, tools, services, and every item of expense necessary for the demolition and removal of buildings including footings, foundations, roadways and associated infrastructure at Wacol Pig Research Centre.
 It is the responsibility of the Tenderer to inform themselves fully of all circumstances and conditions relating to the Contract including but not limited to inspecting the site, labour and plant and all risks and contingencies likely to affect their quote.  A mandatory site visit will be held and details are provided in Section 4.  If the Tenderer has any doubt as to the meaning of any part of the documents they shall obtain clarification in writing from the person named in the Tender Response Forms, and shall satisfy themselves as to the correctness and sufficiency of their quote.  No extras will be paid for any item that should reasonably have been foreseen by taking these precautions.
Construction/Demolition is to be carried out in accordance with Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia and the Demolition Work Code of Practice 2013 and the works should be carried out with minimal disruption to the public.
 The Department ideally requires practical completion by 14 June 2019.
The Contractor is responsible for the:
• Removal and disposal of all asbestos containing materials (ACMs)
• Demolition and removal of six (6) buildings, two (2) large and four (4) small.
• Demolition and removal of Roadways, silos, external drainage, septic tanks, associated works
• Project management and co-ordination with subcontractor/s
• The on-site period has been nominated at nine (9) weeks from contract commencement.  It is required that the contractor schedule the on-site works to meet these nominated times in order to minimise interruption to ongoing operations.
Refer to Section 7 for full specification details

29 Mar, 2019
Building and Construction and Maintenance Services - (100%)
open offer process
$73,000 (Estimate)
South East Queensland
5 Apr, 2019
Lana Cronin (DAFF)
OFFICE: (07) 3330 5621


Logan City Demolition Pty Ltd
11/8-14 Saint Jude Court, Browns Plains, QLD , 4118, Australia
Price: $ 0.00