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Supply and Application of Soil Binder  

Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
Level 32, 400 George Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4002
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Supply and Application of Soil Binder

The Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy (DNRME), Infrastructure Management (IM) team manages the Abandoned Mine Lands Program (AMLP) across Queensland. One of the sites within this program is the former Collingwood Tin mine, located near Rossville in north Queensland.

As part of the management of the site, the tailings storage facility (TSF) is being progressively dewatered. As the water level within the facility recedes, the beached tailings are being progressively exposed. Once exposed, the tailings are susceptible to wind erosion and movement.

To support the ongoing management of the site, the supply and application of an appropriate soil binder is being sought.

The exposed area to be treated is approximately five (5) hectares. The nature of the tailings is considered not sufficiently stable to enable heavy vehicle access over the area. As a result, suppliers are to submit costed proposals presenting varying applications options based on past experience of similar applications.  

The applied product is expected to remain in place for a period of between six (6) and twelve (12) months, or until such time as further intrusive investigations are required.

Anticipated effective lifespan, product suitability and ability to bind the tailings, proposed application methods and past experience of a similar nature are to be detailed in the suppliers response.

31 May, 2019
Soil improvement - (100%)
limited offer process
$37,125 (Estimate)
Cairns & Far North Queensland
12 Jun, 2019
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