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Emerald Sexual Violence Support Service (0180NN)  

Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
111 George Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4000
Emerald Sexual Violence Support Service (0180NN) (DCSYW0108)
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Emerald Sexual Violence Support Service (0180NN)

The department is investing in a new support service for people from the age of 12 years who have experienced sexual violence in Emerald and the Central Highlands.  The department seeks contemporary, evidence informed response to sexual violence support service delivery that improve service users' sense of healing, justice and personal wellbeing.  The Supplier will also coordinate with the forensic, health and justice systems and have strong protocols in place for referral and provide services in accordance with Queensland Government Interagency Guidelines for Responding to People who have Experienced Sexual Assault.
Service Type

The service will deliver services in accordance with the Counselling (T318) service type as outlined in the Individuals Investment Specification (Version 4.3, 21 September 2018).  Relevant clauses from this specification include -
5.1.1 Requirements for all services
5.1.2 Considerations for all services
6.4.1 Requirements - Adults affected by sexual violence
6.4.2 Considerations - Adults affected by sexual violence
7.4.1 Requirements - Counselling
7.4.2 Considerations - Counselling

Request for Clarification Cut Off:  2:00pm AEST Tuesday 21 May 2019

27 May, 2019
Community and social services - (100%)
limited offer process
$1,016,400 (Estimate)
23 Aug, 2019
Johnson CSYW Chen
OFFICE: (07) 30975790


Womens Health & Information & Referral Service CQ Inc.
225 Bolsover Street , Rockhampton, QLD, Australia, 4700
Price: $ 1016400.00