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Secure digital sevices consultancy  

Queensland University of Technology
2 George Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4000
Secure digital sevices consultancy (RFO0072015)
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Secure digital sevices consultancy

QUT has a requirement for a vendor independent and highly experienced and expert business leaders in the Information Technology & Security Infrastructure Architecture industry to undertake and perform the work, as outlined below.

A) The collection, definition and documentation of the future QUT business requirements including the following:

I.A review of the existing QUT technology infrastructure solutions capability

II.The identification of key business stakeholders that will be used to contribute and validate the identified future QUT business requirements

III.A detailed and summarised set of documented business requirements which are categorised by relevant and appropriate requirement types

IV.A thorough analysis of QUT’s current infrastructure solution’s capability to deliver upon the defined requirements

B) The definition, development and design of a logical and physical infrastructure solution.

17 Jun, 2015
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications - (100%)
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South East Queensland
12 Oct, 2015
19 Oct, 2015
29 Jan, 2016
29 Jan, 2016
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John McQueen
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