System Enquiries

For urgent enquiries contact the QTenders System Support team on 07 3215 3699 

Between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q01. How to contact the QTenders Helpdesk
Q02. Forgotten password and/or username
Q03. Web browser compatibility
Q04. Forming a Business Group and/or Adding New Users
Q05. How to edit Tender Notifications
Q06. How to register with QTenders
Q07. How to submit response electronically
Q08. Errors while uploading response
Q09. How to unsubscribe from emails
Q10. How to use Advanced Search
Q11. How to look for recently released tenders


Information on Tenders

Contact the Tender Manager(s) listed in Section 2 of the Tender brief to gain further information on the Tender requirements.



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