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510966-- Infringement Processing and Issuing solution.

Issued by Brisbane City Council

Invitation to Offer

Status: Closed
Mega Category: Information and communication technology
Number: 560190
Released: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 at 12:00AM Brisbane, Queensland
Closed: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 at 12:00PM Brisbane, Queensland
UNSPSC: Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications - (100%)
Region/s: Cairns & Far North Queensland
Mount Isa & North West Region
The Central West
South West & Darling Downs
Mackay Whitsunday Region
Wide Bay Burnett
South East Queensland

Section 1

Tender Overview

Council currently issues and manages Warning Infringement Notices and Infringement Notices, collectively referred to as Infringement Notices under Local and State legislation.  Primarily these Infringement Notices are issued for regulated parking, but they also include animal, environment, malls, development and built environment Infringement Notices. The broad range of infringement types that Council issues adds complexity to the infringement management lifecycle.  Additionally, Council is appointed as the enforcement agent for various toll roads in Brisbane and therefore works with Toll Road Operator, Transurban, to issue Infringement Notices for tolling offences.

Council’s existing infringement technology solutions are delivered through two main contracts, which are approaching the end of their current contract terms. Council is seeking to renew or replace the existing infringement processing and issuing systems with modern and integrated end-to-end solution(s). This will allow Council to deliver an enhanced range of services to customers, with the potential to improve the levels of customer service, accuracy and efficiency in delivering these services. The Infringement Processing and Issuing sourcing activity will be undertaken in two phases, consisting of an Early Market Engagement (EME) phase, followed by a Request for Proposal (RFP) phase. This EME phase commenced in November 2018 and sought to assist interested suppliers to understand and plan for the upcoming RFP opportunity.  The information provided during the EME is still available in Council’s Supplier Portal and will remain available until close of the RFP. 

Please contact Tatiana.shein@brisbane.qld.gov.au for access to the EME information. 

The RFP has been issued in Council’s Supplier Portal and is available for download at:
510966 - Infringement Processing and Issuing.

You must be registered in Council’s Supplier Portal to download the RFP.  To receive notifications on updates or modifications to the RFP please ensure that you click the yellow ‘Participate’ button.  In addition to using the link above, you can also search for the tender number 510966 in Council’s Supplier portal to locate the RFP.  If you encounter any issues accessing the portal, please contact Council’s Business Hotline to troubleshoot.  Business Hotline Consultants are available 24/7 and will be happy to assist on 133 BNE (133 263). 

The table below details the timeframes for the EME activities and subsequent RFP. An industry briefing was held on 30 November 2018.  The slides (including Q&A from the industry briefing) have been published as part of the EME Information Pack.

Milestones Target Date
Close date for EME questions and clarifications:  11 January 2019
Date of release to market (RFP): 25 January 2019
Tender closing:  1 March 2019
Evaluation completion Mid-May 2019
Contract commencement Late July 2019


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Other Contacts
users Tatiana Shein
Type Technical
email Tatiana.Shein@brisbane.qld.gov.au

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