Government Employee Housing

Government Employee Housing (GEH) owns and manages the Queensland Government’s employee housing portfolio. This helps agencies to deliver essential services by supporting suitable, cost efficient accommodation for employees.

What we do

Our portfolio has close to 3000 residences, offering safe and secure housing to attract essential front line government workers to regional and remote communities. Our properties provide homes for health and ambulance workers police officers, teachers and other government staff across Queensland.

This state-owned housing is for government employees in:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • remote locations with minimal private rental options.

Our teams

The Tenancy Management team:

  • works with agencies to manage the leasing of GEH properties
  • coordinate rates, utilities and body corporate payments, vacancies, and programs such as cleaning and pest control.
  • works closely with government agents, councils and client agencies and their tenants.

The Asset Management team:

  • work with QBuild to manage the upgrading and maintenance of properties
  • arrange general property inspections, and condition and functional assessments across the portfolio’s properties
  • undertake strategic assessment of both the portfolio and individual assets
  • delivers the divestment strategy and capital works program.

Sales program

Selling our surplus housing helps reduce the costs to manage and maintain government-owned housing.

Revenue from the sales program is re-invested to fund:

  • new construction in remote areas Queensland
  • portfolio renewal through improvements and upgrades of existing properties or acquisition of newer properties.

We aim for the divestment of GEH properties in areas where there are strong rental markets. Full or partial divestment can be through:

Selling our surplus housing helps to reduce ongoing costs of managing and maintaining government-owned residential properties.

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