2023 Movement and Place Award

Joint Award

Project: Logan Village Green Revitalisation with Logan Village to Yarrabilba Rail Trail
Location: Logan Village and Yarrabilba
Team: Logan City Council, TLCC, Bligh Tanner, Fleetwood Urban, Convic and Dot Dash with Logan City Council, Epoca, Burchills and DotDash

The Logan Village Green Revitalisation and the Logan Village to Yarrabilba Rail Trail reimagine an underutilised parcel of open space and a disused rail spur to connect two distinct yet separate communities. Collectively, both projects showcase a collaborative, place-based planning, design and delivery response that contextually responds to the emerging needs of the Logan Village and Yarrabilba communities and their environments. Together, these projects exemplify the considerable environmental, economic and social benefits a well-considered ‘movement and place’ framework can deliver when applied consistently and thoughtfully from conception to delivery.

The Jury acknowledges the critical role these complementary projects deliver in further unlocking the economic and place-making opportunities at Logan Village in addition to providing an active, healthy lifestyle offering with the Logan Village to Yarrabilba Rail Trail. The Jury applauds Logan City Council in its ongoing pursuit of design excellence and in delivering critical community assets and public realm that are truly reflective of their local setting. Quality assets where a ‘movement and place’ approach unlocks significant enduring community benefits.

Logan village green

Image Credit: Alexis Turner

Logan village to yarrabilba rail trail

Image Credit: Logan City Council


Project: Miles CBD Streetscape
Location: Warrego Highway Miles
Team: Vee Design, Bark Architects, Fourfold Studio, POMO with Harrison Infrastructure Group and SMEC with Western Downs Regional Council.

The lifeblood of Queensland rural townships is the main street which functions both as the commercial heart and the main travel route through the town. These competing functions pose many challenges when applying a ‘movement and place’ approach.

This project is a very good demonstration how the adoption of robust urban design principles reflecting the historical characteristics of the township, in concert with the latest transport engineering policies and standards, can transform a main street into a place which increases social interaction, creates a safer environment and encourages private sector investment while at the same time maintaining its vehicle movement function.

Placemaking is more than just delivering quality streetscape and engineering design. Local businesses and the community are the soul of any place.

The jury commends the project team for the collaborative approach to stakeholder engagement. The adopted approach has allowed design innovation with local stories being incorporated into the streetscape and has resulted in local businesses and the community having a sense of ownership in the creation of a place that defines the commercial heart of the town.

Miles CDB Streetscape

Image Credit: Timothy Birch

Miles CDB Streetscape

Image Credit: Timothy Birch


Project: Russell Street Refresh (Toowoomba)
Location: Russell Street - Victoria Street to Neil Street, Toowoomba
Team: JW Concepts, Harrison Infrastructure Group and Artfully with Toowoomba Regional Council

The clear vision of completing the missing east-west green link along Russell Street, that promotes active and passive walking and cycling, provided direction for the project team. The backdrop of the historic buildings within the city centre provided the unique canvas for transforming the street into a vibrant people friendly destination with extensive landscaping and public art.

The extensive three-year consultation process with local business and community engagement is considered exemplar.

Notably the project has been designed to act as a catalyst for creating connected activated spaces across the inner city, and to change road user behaviour, particularly vehicle speed, essential for placemaking.

The jury commends the project team for ensuring the urban design allows for future interventions to activate public realm in the adjoining laneways, as well as creating a safer environment, particularly for pedestrians, through the successful implementation of a raft of best practice transport engineering measures including conversion of turn lanes into pedestrian space, wombat crossings and a reduced speed limit.

Russell St People and Place

Image Credit: Toowoomba Regional Council

Russell St Facing West

Image Credit: Toowoomba Regional Council

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