New Building Policy Framework

To ensure ongoing sustainability of the building and construction industry in Queensland, the department has developed:

The Building Policy Framework and Building Policy Guideline consolidate, rationalise and replace the four frameworks which previously governed how departments planned, delivered, and maintained government building projects including the:

  • Capital Works Management Framework
  • Maintenance Management Framework
  • Building Asset Performance Framework
  • Strategic Asset Management Framework.

Streamlining these four frameworks into one framework and one guideline simplifies and clarifies important requirements for Queensland Government’s building construction and maintenance projects.

The Building Policy Framework incorporates Best Practice Principles (BPP) for major government building construction projects including workplace health and safety systems and standards, commitment to apprentices and trainees, and best practice industrial relations.

The BPICs outline the Queensland Government’s terms and conditions that reflect best practice for major projects.

The Building Policy Guideline, which is authorised by the Building Policy Framework, provides explanations and assistance on applying the framework.

It provides building management practitioners in Queensland Government departments with the scope, risk and processes associated with the Queensland Government Asset Lifecycle Management process.

It also provides direction on managing the risks and issues involved in procuring new government buildings, looking after buildings, and finding ways that buildings can be repurposed or renewed to support service delivery.

The guideline aligns with the key policy requirements that apply to planning, delivering and maintaining government building construction projects.


The Building Policy Framework was implemented in phases.

Phase 1 commenced March 2022 and focused on the application of the framework to BPP projects, which include major projects of $100 million or more, or projects declared by a Minister if a lesser value.

Phase 2 commenced July 2023 and included the application of the framework to all building construction and maintenance procurement category projects and programs.

The implementation of the new framework includes a requirement to use the two-stage managing contractor procurement methodology (or two stage variant) and a requirement to prequalify head contractors (including managing contractors) and subcontractors for BPP projects.

Updates have been made to the prequalification (PQC) system for managing contractors and subcontractors wanting to work on BPP projects.

The new Building Policy Guideline applies to all government building construction and maintenance procurement projects.

For building construction projects delivered as Public Private Partnerships, see the Project Assessment Framework.

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