Social housing design

Living in a home that meets your needs can be life changing. That’s why it’s important that social housing is designed to support and improve the lives of people with a diverse range of needs.

It’s important because a well-designed home can contribute to:

  • employment opportunities
  • community connections and friendships
  • health and wellbeing
  • better access to services
  • personal and community safety
  • reduced living costs.

Social Housing Design Guideline

The Social Housing Design Guideline (PDF, 7953.14 KB) describes the quality of design that we aim to achieve when delivering social housing to meet Queenslanders’ needs.

The guideline outlines ‘10 essential ingredients’ of good design that contribute to:

  • making great communities
  • safety
  • housing affordability
  • resilient and efficient homes
  • accessible homes
  • practical and comfortable homes
  • a healthy lifestyle.

It also provides a framework for decision-making during the design, development, and delivery of new housing projects.

This guideline builds on the principles of QDesign, a manual developed by the Office of the Queensland Government Architect that outlines principles for good urban design in Queensland.

The Social Housing Design Guideline not only supports better housing outcomes for social housing tenants but can inspire good housing design across all Queensland communities.