Benefits of youth foyers

Youth foyers help vulnerable young people develop the skills they need to lead independent and productive lives, and build their futures.

Many youth foyer tenants go on to full-time employment, mainstream rental accommodation and home ownership.

Gives tenants support to achieve their goals

For young people without a secure or stable home, it can be difficult to stay on a path that supports their career and education aspirations.

With a safe place to live and ongoing professional support, tenants can be assisted towards independence as they study or work.

Tenants receive social and emotional support through workshops and activities that promote personal growth and resilience.

Foyers actively link young people with education and training opportunities provided by local schools, colleges and university.

Teaches independence and tenancy skills

The youth foyer model teaches young tenants how to manage a rental property and supports them towards independent living.

Youth foyer tenants live under similar rules as private tenants. This enables them to learn and practice the rights and responsibilities of being a tenant in a supported environment before moving on to independent living.

Provides 24/7 on-site assistance

Youth foyers are secure locations and staffed 24/7 by experienced youth support workers.

Staff assist young tenants by providing:

  • personalised support

  • mentoring and coaching

  • access to opportunities to develop education and training pathways to employment.

It also gives young tenants a greater feeling of security if they:

  • have come from places and situations where they may not have felt safe

  • are still getting used to living alone and away from family for the first time.

Stories of former residents