Homes for Queenslanders and the Queensland Housing Strategy

About Homes for Queenslanders

In February 2024, the Queensland Government launched Homes for Queenslanders. This plan builds on the great work already done under the Queensland Housing Strategy.

We released our 10-year strategy in 2017, and a second Housing and Homelessness Action Plan to deliver the strategy in 2021. But a lot has changed in 7 years.

The pressures on our housing market have continued to grow, including significant population growth, natural disasters, and material and labour supply shortages.

To meet these challenges, we produced Homes for Queenslanders – an ambitious, long-term housing plan to deliver more homes faster and more supports for people in housing need. This plan reflects our new ‘super department’, bringing together all the functions required to deliver the homes we need – planning, local government, public works and housing.

Homes for Queenslanders now supersedes the Queensland Housing strategy.

We will continue to deliver significant priorities, such as a Disability Housing Plan and Our Place: A First Nations Housing and Homelessness Roadmap and Action Plan. We will report on these and other housing initiatives under previous strategies and plans as part of Homes for Queenslanders.

About the Queensland Housing Strategy 2017–2027

The Queensland Housing Strategy 2017–2027 set out the Queensland Government’s commitment to work with communities, industry and the housing sector to deliver a better housing future for all Queenslanders.

It was a 10-year plan to deliver more social and affordable homes and to transform the way housing services are delivered as essential frontline services across the state.

The strategy was delivered through mechanisms including:

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