Inclusive communities

People living with a disability often need additional support in environments that other people take for granted.

An important part of supporting people who live with a disability is ensuring that Queensland buildings have features that make our communities more inclusive.

This includes considerations like accessible public toilets with a hoist or swing rail, and appropriate changing facilities and continence bins in public toilets.

We have introduced reforms that help make large public facilities, such as hospitals and shopping centres, more accessible for all Queenslanders.

The National Construction Code (NCC) Building Code of Australia (BCA) mandates the inclusion of accessible adult change facilities in specific new and significantly refurbished buildings. Generally, these include:

  • large shopping centres
  • large sports venues, museums, art galleries and theatres
  • airport terminals.

The Queensland Development Code NMP 1.10 Accessible adult change facilities may be adopted voluntarily when an accessible adult change facility is being built to a higher specification than the BCA.

The additional requirements and variations under the NMP 1.10 will also satisfy the minimum requirements under the BCA.