2021 update to the Queensland Building Plan

The Queensland Building Plan (PDF, 1032.05 KB) released in 2017 promotes a safer, fairer and more sustainable building and construction industry, which is a key economic driver for the State.

In collaboration with industry, significant progress has been made in delivering key reforms included in the Plan.

Queensland’s nation-leading security of payment reforms, including project and retention trust accounts and mandatory financial reporting, have helped protect subcontractors from the devastating impacts of company collapses.

The chain of responsibility laws ensure everyone in the building product supply chain is accountable for the safety and quality of materials.

Licensing reforms ensure that mechanical services, medical gas and fire protection work is performed by appropriately qualified people and plumbing and drainage frameworks have been streamlined to save consumers time and money.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) now has stronger powers to ensure everyone complies with the high standards set in Queensland.

The building industry has also changed in response to these reforms and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Queensland Government has developed the Queensland Building Plan update 2021 (PDF, 1341.11 KB) articulating what has been achieved to date, as well as confirming the commitment to creating a safer, fairer and more sustainable building and construction industry.

Under the updated Plan, the Queensland Government is undertaking a review of the role of property developers in the sector, including the impact of their financial and operational capacity, ethical behaviour and work practices, to ascertain if improvements can help support a fairer and more sustainable industry.

The government is also reviewing the Queensland Home Warranty Insurance Scheme to ensure it is structured to achieve the best possible outcomes in terms of consumer and industry protection, while also balancing other key factors like sustainability.

Another action within this Plan is to review the governance framework of the QBCC, to ensure this framework reflects best regulatory practice. The aim of this review is to ensure the governance of the QBCC is contemporary and fit for purpose as it further develops as a regulator.

The government will build on the success of Queensland’s globally recognised approach to addressing the issue of combustible cladding as well as the national approach toward improving energy efficiency in the built environment.

Future work will also include investigating the potential for buildings to contribute to the government’s climate targets and working with industry to facilitate introduction of accessible housing requirements.

The Queensland Building Plan update 2021 (PDF, 1341.11 KB) will ensure continued support for Queensland’s $47 billion building and construction industry.

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