Equity and Diversity Plan

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse workforce where:

  • people feel comfortable to bring their real selves to work
  • we attract, retain and develop a diverse array of talent, and
  • we understand the diverse needs of our customers and create innovative services and experiences that reflect real needs.

This means creating an inclusive culture that promotes the skills and insights of all people irrespective of difference.

Our Equity and Diversity Plan

The Equity and Diversity Plan (PDF, 1246.64 KB) signifies how we aim to achieve our commitment and cultivate a workplace culture where the values of equity, respect, inclusion and cultural safety are embraced and demonstrated every day.

Fundamental to the plan is taking an evidence-based approach to identify possible inequities within our workforce and ensure any actions to address these are targeted, measurable and adaptable. A critical element of the plan is the education, engagement and consultation with our workforce so that strategies and actions are co-deigned and result in systemic change.

Our focus areas

The plan comprises of five focus areas:

  • Build awareness and capability – setting the foundations that support progression of equity and diversity in employment matters, understand equity, challenge myths, address stereotypes, and enhance cultural capability.
  • Engage and learn – consult with our people and leaders to identify and understand causal factors for inequities, potential and actual barriers to progression and diversity group experiences, and co-design solutions.
  • Strengthen and understand data – identify reliable information sources and develop insights and strategies to inform evidence-based decision making and future measures that will contribute to systemic change.
  • Embed inclusive talent acquisition – overcome potential barriers and address inequities in recruitment and selection, and utilise opportunities under the Public Sector Act 2022 to undertake targeted recruitment or consider equity and diversity in suitability assessments.
  • Collaborate for change – understand sector-wide and societal inequities, causal factors and influence opportunities to collectively address equity and diversity issues.

Relationship to other plans

The Equity and Diversity Plan is aligned with other strategies and plans relating to equity and diversity, or requirements relevant to individual diversity groups. These include: