Building certification

We will improve consumer confidence in the building and construction industry by enhancing the strength of the certification and inspection process.

As Queenslanders, we expect our buildings to be safe and secure and want to know that they are built to required standards with products that are fit for purpose.

Building certifiers play an important role in ensuring this expectation is met.

These men and women are often the last line of defence in meeting safety standards and are instrumental in maintaining community confidence in the buildings in which we work and live.

Reforms that help protect the integrity of our building and construction industry and create pathways to improved skills and efficiencies will support building certifiers and the work they do.

This is why we continue to advance a range of reforms that will provide for safer buildings, greater consumer confidence and the sustainability of the profession.

These reforms will give home owners a greater opportunity to be involved in the certification process, encourage local governments to help certifiers comply with planning schemes and create a supportive platform for new entrants into the industry.

Action items

Continue to advance a range of reforms including:

  • partner with industry to improve professional standards and compliance
  • more support to building certifiers and encouraging new entrants to the industry
  • implement appropriate reforms as a result of Shergold and Weir Review.