Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative

The Homes for Queenslanders plan now supersedes the Queensland Housing Strategy. We are continuing work on the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative and will report on it as part of Homes for Queenslanders.

The Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative (QHIGI) represents the largest concentrated investment in social and affordable housing in Queensland’s history.

Through an integrated capital investment program, QHIGI aims to deliver 8,365 social and affordable homes for vulnerable Queenslanders.

The QHIGI provides opportunities for a range of individuals, organisations, developers and housing providers to deliver more housing for those who need it. This includes a strategic, cross-government response, for planning and economic development opportunities and access to underutilised government-owned land.

The QHIGI is being delivered through 3 funding initiatives:

  • Housing Investment Fund (HIF)— supports partnerships to deliver social and affordable housing
  • QuickStarts Qld—a capital investment program to accelerate construction, redevelopment and purchase expenditure to deliver new homes sooner
  • Help to Home—partnering with property owners, landlords and registered community housing providers to deliver housing outcomes to people in need.

This approach to funding enables strategic partnerships between the State and a range of potential participants such as the Australian Government, local governments, registered community housing providers, private developers, institutional investors, and not-for-profit partners, either individually or as a group.

The QHIGI provides flexibility to deliver projects that meet local needs and enables the development of a mix of public housing, community housing, homelessness accommodation and mixed-use developments that leverage site-specific opportunities.

The state’s financial investment can be utilised to deliver more social and affordable homes by enabling registered community housing providers to access finance through the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation or other third party financiers.

The QHIGI also provides opportunities to strengthen Queensland’s construction sector while providing a place to call home for thousands of Queensland households.

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